• Document & Share Anything from the Classroom

    Kaymbu is the leading family engagement and classroom documentation tool for early education programs. From simple photo sharing to rich visual assessment, Kaymbu connects educators with young, digital-native parents.


    Effortless photo sharing for family engagement

    Instantly engage parents with photos, video and anecdotes from the classroom. Kaymbu provides secure and private visual messaging for schools to keep families connected with their young children and reinforce learning at home.



    Beautiful Reggio-inspired visual documentation​

    Create stunning documentation for your classroom in minutes. Build your own layout, select photos and add anecdotes to tell your story. You are only bound by your imagination in creating portfolios, newsletters and rich learning stories for your students.



    Alert families and staff via email, SMS and phone​

    Kaymbu provides a failsafe way to broadcast important communications to your school community via email, text messaging and recorded voice phone calls.



    Integrated standards-based assessment

    Align classroom observations with curriculum and assessment frameworks to track student development over time and share these milestones with families.



    Make school moments last a lifetime​

    Turn classroom observations into beautiful physical products like yearbooks, printed student portfolios, school portraits and documentation panels.


    Use Kaymbu to streamline your center

    Kaymbu includes special tools designed specifically for preschool and child care programs, including digital daily sheets, attendance tracking and more!

  • Standards Alignment

    Seamless integration with state standards, school indicators, and beyond! Educators use Kaymbu to track and assess child development based on state standards, and any learning indicators unique to their school. For administrators, Kaymbu also facilitates observation and documentation for school accreditation.

  • Transform Your School Community


    Engage families with timely, visual, teacher-driven observations. Kaymbu dramatically strengthens vital engagement between home and school, allowing parents to share in and communicate about their child’s development.


    Simplify classroom documentation and eliminate tedious, time- consuming administrative work. Teachers can also share observations with parents in just a few taps, and easily generate student portfolios for parent- teacher conferences or other reporting needs.


    Make your program stand out from the crowd by providing educators with leading- edge technology and aligning your communication tools with the expectations of young, technology- driven families.

  • Pricing

    Simple and affordable pricing for teachers and schools




    Discover Kaymbu

    30 days of Photo Storage

    5 Storyboards

    Online Support



    $8 PER MONTH


    For Teachers

    1 Year of Photo Storage

    50 Storyboards

    Email Support


    Text Messaging to Parents

    90-second videos

    Online Training





    For Schools

    Unlimited Photo Storage

    Unlimited Storyboards

    Email & Phone Support


    Text Messaging to Parents

    5-minute Videos

    In-person Training


    School Branding

    Multi-site Management

    Invoiced Billing


    ...and more!



    We would love to learn more about your school and provide a one-on-one demonstration of Kaymbu. Use the link below to schedule some time to chat with us!

  • Testimonials

    Don't just take it from us!


    "I love that I can keep the parents abreast of their children's education in an efficient and effective manner. Using this app has allowed me to connect with parents and supplement our daily notes with visuals of what the children are doing. The visual photo is a powerful way to demonstrate the importance of the work and development of a young child."


    "The automatic publishing of reports saves a great deal of time and it is done in a way that is private and confidential, which is important to our school. It has lowered the stress level on this front as well. By using this system we don't have to pull out the memory card, upload photos, attach them to an e-mail and then send it. It's such a relief to have those things done all in one spot!"


    "Honestly, I cannot imagine not using Kaymbu anymore. Not only does it provide parents with a never-before seen window into our classroom, but the professional documentation and record keeping capabilities the system are truly remarkable. It's transformed the way I manage my documentation -- and saves me hours of work every week."


    "This is now the second email I received and I've literally had tears of joy both times now. These are moments and information I would have completely missed otherwise. It truly means the world to me to have this insight into my little one's activities at school - to see how he is interacting with the world when I'm not there. I am so, so thrilled to have these weekly emails and glimpses into our son's school days!"


    "This is a great way to stay connected to our children while at school. It's hard to leave your child every day, and seeing what they are up to provides a great sense of comfort. Thank you!"


    "I think this program is great because I can see the way my son is learning. I have a better idea about how I can reinforce this knowledge at home. Seeing these images and thoughtful comments by the teacher, I can engage with my child about his activities at school."

  • System Integrations

    Kaymbu connects directly with leading SIS, LMS and Childcare Management software systems for seamless management of student and family information.

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